Let’s Get This Blog Party (re)Started!

Note: I wrote this blog post three weeks ago, before two computers died, and before our trip to SE Asia had begun. Back-dating blog posts makes my blogging failure even more spectacular, but no less heartfelt.  

Let’s be honest. This summer was a big fat blog FAIL. Nearly six months ago Jimmy and I quit our jobs, rented our Washington DC condo, put our Austin house on the market, and set out on an adventure so grand that we couldn’t even wrap our minds around it.

And what have I told the interwebs about this journey? Squat, that’s what. But as you might imagine from our itinerary that I shared back in the Age of Dinosaurs, it’s not from lack of stories or sights to share.

The last six months have been packed with travel: we visited 12 states (Texas, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia) and now are back in Washington DC for a short visit.

That 24 weeks has not been short on adventure. In fact, any blogger-in-training could have easily found enough material to regale you with daily stories about road bike touring, mountain hiking, white-water rafting, trail running, lake swimming, zip-lining, stand-up paddleboarding, mountain biking, concert-going,  bungee trampolining, tubing, fishing, skateboarding, alpine sliding, slacklining.

And of course no self-respecting athlete blogster would have neglected, as I have, to report on the last six months of racing. Especially when it’s included such highlights as Ironman Couer d’Alene, the Pikes Peak marathon, the Salida Classic bike time trial, the Whitefish Lake 10k, and just last weekend the Savageman half ironman.

And a really good blogger could have found a way to detail the best moments of this summer, those that are hardest to capture but the ones that have made this journey most special. Those moments have come from the amazing opportunity we’ve had to spend serious time with family and friends. Like really quality time. The kind of time where you just sit around together on the porch or in the living room, listening to music or drinking wine or looking at the mountains or the lake or in the neighbor’s windows (ooops). The kind of time that is so plentiful that you get to become part of the fabric of life of those you love. You run errands. Or pick up kids, change diapers, make goofy grins more often than you’d care to imagine. You answer the phone, or just look out at the ocean.

But I can’t make up for lost blogging time, so I’ll share a few photos from this summer. And a bittersweet thank you (we miss you!) to all of the friends and family who have shared homes and personal space with us. I hope we can repay you someday, somehow; you can leave your sweaty workout clothes hanging around in our house anytime.

Many, many public thanks are due especially to those who generously opened their homes to us, without even complaining much to our faces: Steve and Paula in Austin; Connell and Remy and Miles, Robin and Yogi and Sophia, Cathy and Bob in the Bay Area; Mary in Bellingham; Deborah and Lynn in Portland; Deb and Grant in Seattle; Kim, Justin, Maggie and Mason in Whitefish; all our DC friends who trekked out for the ironman in Couer d’Alene; Kurt and Sheree and Hollis and Sawyer in Salida; Grandpa and David in Santa Fe; mom and dad in St Simons; Danny and Rob F. in DC.

Now. Let’s get this blog party (re)started! In one week Jimmy and I hop on a plane for the next leg of our adventure: Southeast Asia. We’ll start in Singapore, where we’ll stay to run the NorthFace 50k around the island on October 13. Keep an eye here for upcoming installments on noodles, beaches, blisters, and tuk-tuks (whatever those are).