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Chinseu Community-Based Organization (CBO) Orphan Project Visit June 2007

Kids benefitting from Chinseu's orphan project waiting to greet us In the background is a small, one-room mud brick building that serves as Chinseu's office
Kids at the orphan project close-up Chairs awaiting our meeting inside the office
Wall display inside, including anti-AIDS posters, information about the organization and a hand-drawn map of the 11 villages served by Chinseu CBO's programs   Noel Banda giving his speech
Group Village Headwoman of the Chinseu catchment area giving a speech. Janie and brother Danny listen.   Map of Chinseu's area.
Mission statement   Facts and findings about boys and girls in the area. "CULTURAL CHALLENGES!"
. "Girls between the ages of 12 to 17 does not go to school especially those in elderly headed household. FACT: They were told to take the responsibility of the family and they go with men to get money for their elders, sisters, brothers, uncles and for themselves their daily needs."   "Boys after coming back from the initiation ceremonies (chinamwali) don't want to go to school no matter that they are in standard 5/6/7/8 and they are at the ages of 9/10/12/13 years. FACT: They are taught that because they have gone to Chinamwali now they are old enough and there is no difference between them and those who are married and because they are old they don't want to go to school as old ones do."
Steve, Colin, Sara, Christine and Danny pose all together with the kids and Chinseu volunteers before leaving.   Saying "Zikomo" ("Thank you") to Noel and the other Chinseu CBO volunteers. Group Village Headwoman looks on.




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