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Chinseu CBO Presentation of Uniforms Made Through Tailoring Project August 2007

Chinseu Community-Based Organization parking lot Chinseu CBO Office
A new sewing machine gleaming in the sun One of the tailors threading his bobbin
One of the tailors hard at work   The fruits of tailoring -- ready to give away or sell at market
Beneficiaries of the program -- older women without jobs in the community   Benson is an orphan who has now been trained in tailoring and can make clothes for his brothers and sisters. He is in secondary school and wants to be a doctor.
The District Primary Education Advisor hands out uniforms during the ceremony   One of the tailors (and chairman of Chinseu CBO) hands out uniforms
A little overwhelmed   Janie visiting with kids at lunch
Preparing for the daily lunch -- boiling water to cook maize ("nsima")   Girls wearing dresses made for them by the new tailors
Hand-washing before lunch   Big phat bowl of nsima -- likely her only meal today
Kids chowing down   Janie with volunteers
Orphanage building; kids eat inside during the rainy season   I Heart New York




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