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Christmas Party for Staff & Kids 2006

Presents for Samuel and Jimmy Presents for Brutus
Jimmy wrapping presents   All the presents ready to go (with photos of the friends who made it possible in the background)
Mike, our gardener, his son Samuel and wife Happiness   Janie and Mike's infant son Jimmy
All the gang arrives   Presents begin!
Mercy gets a backpack   Samuel eyes his new bike with suspicion
Eliza loves her orange drink most   Happiness, Veronice (mom of Brutus and Eliza), and Justin
Veronica looks at a church dress for Eliza   Brutus will look spiffy in his new tie
Frezer pulls out a blanket for Brutus and Eliza   Mike's choice of blanket for little Jimmy
Mercy tries on her new fancy shoes   And her umbrella
Samuel still doesn't know what to make of his bike   But Christmas ribbon makes him happy!
The gang after presents giving the thumbs up   Brutus and Eliza
Franciscah and Mercy   All the men
All the ladies   Our house
The back porch    
The back yard, landscaping courtesy of Mike    




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