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Mozambique Christmas & New Years 2007

Across northern Mozambique from Malawi Mozambiquan village in the highlands
Long long roads   More long roads
Asking for directions in Gurue   J&J taking a break for the view
Nacala Bay, Mozambique   Jellyfish, a major theme for Christmas '06
Porch of our a-frame at Nacala overlooking the bay   Jimmy overlooking the jellyfish in the bay
Dive practice pool at Bay Diving   Jimmy and the trusty (for now) Surf
The bridge to Ilha de Mocambique, one car-length wide   View from our room onto streets of Ilha
Jimmy in Ilha de Mocambique   An old Portugese building renovated by a French architect in Ilha
Stairs to nowhere. Or the old stairs to a colonial swimming pool   An old square, partly restored
Water pump   Old colonial "swimming club"
Cinema, where we caught an impromptu country western-inspired Portugese concert   Old mansion of the Portugese governor
Jimmy and a boat   Mozambican bracelets in a shop
Ducks and a kid   Ducks and more kids, now dancing
Dancing harder, with no ducks   Hi.
Didn't ask about their daily membership rates here.   Or here.
Old church in Ilha de Mocambique.   Out onto a square.
Pemba, northern Mozambique (near Tanzania)   Where we stayed in a nature reserve on Pemba Bay
The shade was sorely needed.   And provided by this tree
New Year's Eve with our Canadian friends who live in Malawi and Zambia   Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!   Happy New Year!




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