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Malawi Trekking

Hiking trip sunset near Dedza, a couple of hours north of Blantyre Weather station near Dedza
I swear I'm not lost.   No really. I know exactly where I am.
Sunrise from Michiru mountain 10km from Blantyre. Peak #1 of the 3 Peaks Walk.   Okay okay. We're all lost. Heading up Ndirande, Peak #2 of the 3 Peaks Walk.
View from the top of Ndirande, looking at Soche, the third of the 3 Peaks Walk.   View back of Michiru from Ndirande
Looking over Blantyre   On top of something or other.
Climbing up Soche, peak #3. Yes, it's as steep as it looks.   View from Soche. Yes, it's as precarious as it looks.
Some mountain.   Weekend hike with Jimmy up Mulanje to Thuchila Hut
Sunset from Thuchila Hut.   Valley on the way up to Thuchila Plateau
Practicing getting back to my native American roots.   Practicing getting horizontal.




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